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Crown Trace Villa, Hot Springs, AK

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CrownTrace Villa
101 2nd Street
Hot Springs, AR 71913

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Our Villa. Your Home.

Your Loved Ones have worked hard all their lives and looked forward to spending their retirement years relaxing. Your folks never had to depend on anybody. So why should they start now? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a place where they could enjoy all the freedom and independence they want—and the peace of mind you need?

There is: Crown Trace Villa of Hot Springs! Hot Springs is beautifully located in an area of Arkansas’ gentle rolling Ouachita mountains and is surrounded by picturesque lakes, forested mountains, and historic attractions.  Crown Trace Villa, sitting on the edge of downtown Hot Springs, enjoys all of this  natural beauty and is located near many of the historical, cultural, recreational and family attractions that make this lovely area such a popular destination.

At Crown Trace Villa of Hot Springs, you or your loved one will enjoy all the freedom and independence associated with home ownership – without the hassle and responsibility of home maintenance. You will also have all the security and safety that comes with round-the-clock staffing.

Come join us! There’s great food in our beautiful dining room, wonderful outings to local places, fun shopping trips around town, and transportation to social and faith-based activities, physician appointments, and more. Much more — all at a reasonable price and terrific value.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and that you’ll come see us in person soon. Come see what we are all about and come feel what makes us different from the others. Our family is just waiting to meet yours! These are the best years of your life ~ we intend to make sure you enjoy every minute!


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